This site is maintained by me and my wife. We are both winter enthusiasts who love to ski and do pretty much anything outside. We live in Michigan. Living in Michigan we have tried all sorts of apparel to best suit our needs through the years. We need something that can keep us warm, is preferably not bulky, and my wife loves how Canada Goose jackets are form-fitting. We came across Canada Goose Jackets when we saw Jeremy and James from the British Version of Top Gear wear Canada Goose on a trip to the arctic. Ever since we’ve been fans.

We tried cheaper versions…who likes spending money?? But we ended up either cold or unsatisfied with our purchase. One day we splurged on a Canada Goose jacket for each of us. We haven’t looked back. We wanted to share a bit of our “find” with anyone who is looking. Feel free to send us questions and we’ll do our best to answer them in a timely manner. If you see any mistakes, help us out and let us know.

Have fun.





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