Men’s Chateau Parka Jacket

The Chateau for men is a durable heavy winter jacket from Canada Goose. You’ll feel warm in temperatures down to negative 15 degrees. The Chateau is water resistant and is made from polyester and down. The fit is slim, even though the jacket is heavy for warmth. Like most Canada Goose Jackets it has the heavy duty zipper in the front but this is unique in that it has buttons to seal the fabric over the zipper. That gives it a nice upscale look.

Canada Goose Jacket review

The Chateau is in the Parka series so you will get the iconic fur-lined hood. This comes with 5 pockets. Three on the inside and two exterior for your hands or ipod or gloves. This is not the heaveast jacket in their line, but as long as you are not climbing Everest, or in Antarctica this will provide more than enough protection for you. I like the slim look and buttons which is why I give it the high grade.

Available in XS to 3X

Black, Navy, Milaray Green, Graphite, Spirit, Tan, Red, Slate

Chateau Parka Jacket

High-quality men's winter jacket


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Men’s Chateau Parka Jacket
Classic Canada Goose, one of the better designs. Slim Fit.
9.5 Total Score
Great Winter Jacket. Slim Fit

Classic Canada Goose, one of the better designs. Slim Fit.

Men's Chateau Parka Jacket
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