Spot a Counterfeit

How to Spot a Fake Canada Goose Jacket

Unfortunately, there are fake Canada Goose jackets out there. This is the definitive guide to making sure that your Canada Goose Jacket is Authentic!  The easiest way to guarantee your Canada Goose Jacket is Authentic is by clicking on one of the authorized sellers below, or any link from this site will always take you to a genuine jacket. Only these stores allow you to refund your purchase and are authorized sellers.








The Details:

Make sure the fur is genuine, the zipper is yyk, check the logo and look for consistent color. Each Authentic Canada Goose jacket comes with a hologram and genuine logo as seen below.  I have also provided a picture of the inside tag of a genuine parka for you to double-check yours against.


fake or real canada goose jacket


Here is the difference between a real and a fake Canada Goose Logo: The fake logo is not as clear and the color tends to bleed a bit.

real or fake logo


Here is the genuine Canada Goose Hologram:

canada goose hologram


Real Canada Goose Tag:

canada goose genuine tags

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