Freestyle Vest (Women’s)

Canada Goose’s Freestyle Vest is about as warm as a vest as you can buy. Being Canada Goose, it is still surprisingly lightweight and not poofy at all. That is what you are paying for-the warmth that this can provide while still being able to show a hint of your figure. The material is polyester and down with fleece in the pockets. This is good for a crisp small evening or I suppose you could use this as layer 1 of a winter outfit. The poly is water resistant.

canada goose pink vest

I have one issue with the design of the vest. Perhaps there is a reason, but the back of the vest is slightly longer.  Sometimes it will be annoying and flip upwards. I still like it though, but that is what I would fix with version 2.0. Also, it runs a bit small.

Freestyle Vest

Canada Goose Women's Freestyle Vest


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Freestyle Vest (Women’s)
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