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Women’s Trillium Parka

The Canada Goose Women’s Trillium Parka is a medium-weight coat for temperatures around zero degrees or less.  It has a ...

2 Kensington Parka (Womens)

Kensington Parka (Womens)

This Canada Goose parka has a slimming effect and is available in 14 colors. Since it runs slim I might suggest ...

3 Women’s Expedition Parka

Women’s Expedition Parka

The Women’s Expedition Parka by Canada Goose is for the most extreme cold weather temperatures. This might be the ...

4 Mystique Parka (Womens)

Mystique Parka (Womens)

The Canada Goose Mystic Parka is a long, warm winter coat for women. It is heavy-weight but still manages to be ...

5 Camp Hooded Jacket (Women’s)

Camp Hooded Jacket (Women’s)

The Camp Hoody is a cute & functional Canada Goose light-medium weight jacket. (It is hard describing the jackets ...