Camp Hooded Jacket (Women’s)

The Camp Hoody is a cute & functional Canada Goose light-medium weight jacket. (It is hard describing the jackets perfectly. What Canada Goose considers light-weight, everyone but an Eskimo would consider medium). This jacket is for those who want the same warmth and wind protection from a traditional Canada Goose jacket without the fur-lined hood.
canada goose blue jacket


The jacket is long and slimming. This is a great choice if you are in cold weather but still want to look good. I am a real fan of the long design because I always feel like such a marshmallow during the winters with the huge coats. Anything that can keep me warm and be slightly form-fitting and fashionable is fantastic.

This outperforms my North Face and Outdoor Research for both looks and warmth/weight ratio.

Camp Hooded Jacket

Women's Canada Goose jacket


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Camp Hooded Jacket (Women’s)
Slimming too!
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Great Lightweight Canada Goose option

Slimming too!

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